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Virtual Reality in School Education

The objectives of the project are:

This 24-months project seeks to expose both teachers and the participating students to a new experience of learning through a Virtual Reality Game. The aim of their participation is to enhance their digital and soft skills while at the same time enrich their knowledge on specific issues that will be explored during different phases of the project.

The Virtual Reality Game that will be played by the students concerns a digital simulation of the
European Youth Council where all participants will express their opinions and make proposals on the topics of:
1.Safe use of Internet and social media
2.Bulling at schools and Cyber bullying
3.Human rights & Multicultural environment in the EU
4.European Citizenship & Rights
5.Environmental Behaviour
6.Sustainable Growth in EU
7.Circular Economy in EU and abroad

The Intellectual Outputs of the Project are:
1. The Creation of the Handbook on the methodology, learning outcomes, training activities and
evaluation methodology to implement in the classroom for the teachers, focused on the topics of the
2. The Online MOOC Courses under the platform for distance learning for the platform' courses
3. The Creation of the Virtual Reality Game
4. The Development of the User’s Guide for the participation to the Virtual Reality Game for teachers and students



University of Pireaus Research Center, Greece

Lykeio Aradippou, CYPRUS

Escola Secundária Domingos Rebelo(Azores, Portugal)

BOLT Virtual Services and Productions (Private Company), ATHENS, GREECE

Piramatiko Geniko Lykeio Panepistimiou Kritis, Rethymno

Ecole Europeenne D'Ixelles (Brussels, Belgium)